Just To Know You’re Alive

I don’t want the world to see me
‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yeah, you bleed just to know you’re alive.

Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls

This song has few verses, but the impact of the chorus makes up for it. The feeling of frustration and longing, for something that’s missing in life is so clear. I also get there’s a sense of feeling lost, not to mention scared as well. Ah, there’s poetry in the simplest of lyrics. 



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I release my joy
Into the world
So carefree, it floats
Ecstasy unfurled
For the world runs on sunshine
“I will and I can”
Hope should be enough
For the common man.

How easily the sky
Swallows up our laughter
Dispersed, like clouds,
With nothing left after.


I bleed my sorrows,
Into the page,
Each determined stroke,
That blinded rage,
Though moving fingers,
And hands do ache,
With each wracking
Sob, I quake.

The world shares your joy,
Till you’re dry to the bone,
But those welling tears
You’ll wipe, alone.



So, this is kind of inspired-by-slash-a-continuation-of  this quote/poem, which I originally read on instagram.


For a while
It seemed
The butterflies had died
My self and stomach still.

An epoch of silence.

But then
The beating began
The flutter tickled
The batting, an ache within,

‘Twas the moths that woke me
Rising higher
Alive and spirited as ever

Never quite as vibrant.



A fly stole a kiss from her lips,
As she lay in the sun,
No roof o’er her head,
No breath in her lungs.

The winds lifted their dusty hands,
Caressed her tiny coarse feet,
As she in her life’s finery lay,
A majestic starched white sheet.

The smiles in the house,
Like the words she never learned,
Seemed to never exist,
To the world unconcerned.

The ants marched ahead,
A guard unarmed,
While crows swooped above,
To see off their ward unharmed.

The clouds rumbled in, single file,
To offer condolence last of all,
Till they, like the few present there,
Slowly allowed their tears to fall.

In the damp earth, they laid her,
Warmer than she’d ever been,
The soils embrace to shield her,
From the life she’d never seen.


A moonlight bathed courtyard
I felt it wash my skin
The silence rushed my ears
Like a tornado
Alone, as I drank it in.

Solitary, I danced as if to call it It’s mirthful draught gave zest
It caressed my face
Left my soul without rest.

And still I twirled and leapt
Till she was gone and far away
Left distrait and inebriate
Fearless to the crimson war cry
Of the coming day.


Flipping page after page,
For days upon days,
Sub-stages sandwiched in tests;
We keep our poor heads,
Off pillows of bed,
To battle with each of these pests.

This lecture, that figure,
The load just gets bigger,
We’re stuck in a nauseous trance;
Our heads beginning spinning,
Surely, sleep is winning,
For the words have started to dance.

The day will soon come,
When our wits are all numb,
Pages rifled and pens clicked on cue;
Exchanging glances with friends,
Till the time finally ends,
On the tips of out tongue , “How’d you do?”.

On that fateful board,
Be it bloodstained or scored,
With marks high or horrendously low;
A clap or a cheer,
A sniff and a tear,
Then it’s off to the canteen we go!

I’ll admit, this poem is rather like some of the things I wrote while in school. I was, however, thinking I may send it into the college magazine.