“Almost” is a word that sometimes sits heavy on your tongue. Like a breath hitching, or a moment too long of hesitation; it’s the thin line between what is and what could have been. Almost can lead to a lifetime of regrets and the various blind ending “what if”s. We almost made it. I almost spoke the truth. They almost stayed.

That’s not all it is, though.

“Almost” is also the record-scratch-freeze-frame internal contemplation moment, that jerks you back into reality. I almost ruined my life. We almost made the wrong decision. You almost missed out. It could be that heaved sigh, knowing you’ve been spared. Or that relief that spreads it’s warmth through you after a jolt.

Either way, to try and peer over the edge of “almost” is to gaze into a crevasse of futility. “Almost” is just a formality, something to glance at and move on from.


Inktober 2018


It feels like ages since I last posted here. In fact, it has been. Guilty as charged. However, a recent conversation with someone made me want to post. While I seem to have a shortage of words worth sharing, pictures are something I have been creating.

I decided to give inktober a whirl this year! I’m not particularly good, but I find drawing fun, and hey maybe I’ll improve somewhat along the way.  Here are some of my scribbles:



and a bonus Pikachu, because I’ve had Pokémon on my mind these days! 😛