Another post about Death.

Death is the ultimate natural disaster.

Mourners, wracked by the tremors of devastation, are momentarily devoid of reason. Some numb, some inconsolabe; all having lost something valuable beyond words. Friends and family stand at the edge of a chasm where a person once was; a gaping fissure in the landscape of their lives.

We grab our loved ones by the shoulders, or we hold their faces in our hands, and look into their eyes imploringly. Are you okay? Are you okay? We scan their bodies for scratches and other signs of harm. Seeing them intact brings us relief.

What’s done is done, so why do we do this? To look for that spark, for evidence that life is still there? Or with hope, that in reflection, we see that we still exist?
Next, some are moved to action, while others suffer a delayed reaction. Food, comfort and various arrangements; all are given priority. In the meanwhile, and a bit too late, word spreads. The damage is done; not even a blip in the radar of the globe. A momentary distraction, maybe. An uttered tsking or muttered prayer.

Then. Lives are rebuilt. Routines are reconstructed to the best of our resources. Life, not even the slightest bit ruffled by Death’s insult, goes on. The crevasse gives way to undergrowth, becoming less of an eye sore and more of a precaution, a wayward reminder. The void, while obscured, is always there.




Author: emphadiate

Doc, chai lover, avid reader. Daydreamer extraordinaire. Slightly imbalanced.

25 thoughts on “Another post about Death.”

  1. I had a totally different experience actually, but usually aisa hi hota hai…. coz at that time i did not react as usually people react to death, i was calm, shed a few tears, but no mourning nothing, didn’t check if there is still life left, started working to get him to the graveyard without any delay, didn’t do all of those things that usually people do in pak, 40th aur 7 days and chanay parhwana, etc etc, and life didn’t go on, his death did affect my world, it has never been the same after he passed away.

  2. I know I have said that before but I’d say that again, if words could be formed into a person, you’d be the most beautiful living being ever! You still are, but that would make you unbelievably out of this world!!!!

  3. And then there is another kind of death. Death of the ones left behind. Death of will and strength to move on and get on with their lives. And then there is a metaphorical death of apparently living people. Ones who lose their will to live and let live, have fun, to strive just another day, to keep on improving and thriving. The walking dead. The living embodiment of death.

  4. Idk, this post scared me.
    The death of a loved one. Even the thought is terrifying.
    (and do I really need to say this? You’re an incredible writer!)

  5. Life is strong. Maybe not as strong to overcome death, but strong enough to move on after witnessing another life succumb to death. Life goes on… until it doesn’t. But that’s all right.
    ‘Cause here’s a spoiler: They all die at the end.
    “who?” you may ask…
    Innallahi wa inna ilaihi raji’oon right? To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.
    May we return with our arms full with hasanaat.

  6. ” Life, not even the slightest bit ruffled by Death’s insult, goes on.” Well-versed and emphatic! 👌

    This is what seems the most selfish trait of nature. The most disturbing chapter in the story of life and death.

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