This was originally posted here. I’m reposting it on my own blog, as it’s a scenario I’d been working on for a while, and I’m thinking I may continue it on? Opinions?  ~

She flaunted her flaws unapologetically. She wore no make up, save a touch of her usual red lipstick and the smudges of last night’s kohl below her eyes. She fingered the rim of her cup absentmindedly, the steam still rising though the foam had cleared.

Dani’s was rarely more than a third full just past 9 am on a weekday morning, and the peace was welcoming. Perks of working irregular hours, she thought, before catching herself. Perks of not working at all, she corrected herself bitterly.

She stared at the empty chair across from her. It had usually been unoccupied, but today of all days, she felt the emptiness. It was like realising that work was a whole lot more bearable with the boss away on vacation, but eventually he’d have to return. It was merely a matter of fact, something which you’d express little more than vague displeasure over. Just like that today it brought an irksome discomfort; though the solitude that she had embraced before, returned abruptly, wasn’t wholly unwelcome.

So caught up was she in the nothingness of her current existence, that she didn’t notice the waiter approaching her, until there was a clink of china as he set her breakfast down before her.

With one sweeping movement, she transferred her hair from the nape of her neck to the side, the tumble of curls obscuring her face from the window she sat adjacent to. Giving her food a sideways glance, she knew that despite her sour mood, she was ravenous.