What is it about Lang Leav’s work, that grips my heartstrings so? While my posts may not always mean something, what they show for sure is how much I love romanticism. Be it the lovey dovey kind or otherwise. Sigh.

Timing is irrelevant when two people are meant for each other. It’s what I once believed.

But we met during a time when I was such a mess, when I still had so much to figure out. How could I have known how crucial every word, every action was or how losing you would be something I would always regret?

If only you could have met me now, how different it would be. How much I have changed. How I have grown. I learned so much from all the mistakes I made with you. I just wish I had made them with someone else.

– Lang Leav


thought dumping

It’s 3 am and you’re probably asleep. Or maybe you’re not, I can never tell anymore.

There was a time, when I thought I caught a glimpse of the inner recesses of your heart. Whatever went wrong, made you retreat to a safer distance. I know I’ve lost the right to see within. I know that.

But I cannot forget what I saw. Letting go has never been my forte, so before I can let you close this last chapter, there are a few things I want to say:

If you are sensitive, stay that way; let it make you empathetic. Open your eyes and heart to the plight of the world around you. Be compassionate; better to be so than to be callously indifferent.

If you are child-like, stay that way. For though seemingly vulnerable, the skill to see the world with wonder, is a skill few have left in them in this age.

If you’ve learned to be expressive, never hold back your words again. We long to be heard and understood, and unless we give voice to our sentiments, humanity cannot reign.

Stay humble, as you are, and modest, as I think you’ll always be. It will keep you honest, and your intentions honourable.

I know you’re fast asleep. I’m wide awake, and 3 am seemed like a good place to dump all the thoughts that are cluttering my mind.