Till a while back, I would imagine myself as a quaint and quiet girl. Someone lost in one’s own self, someone free from the invisible chains that the society imposes on us and I would live up to this fantasy once a while…walking alone to the usually closed door of the department, staring at the mostly empty parking lot and thinking about something philosophical but then the fantasy would break.

I am not quaint and quiet. I can get lost in thought but I am always aware of my surroundings, who’s around me, who’s watching, who could watch, what is the right thing to do, what shouldn’t be done…whether it is because of the survival instincts drilled deep or simple fact of social control, it is what it is. Instead I am loud and boisterous, talkative to the point of being loquacious; I love sharing my views instead of keeping…

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Black Day ~12-16-2014

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

blissfullysedated's Blog

Today, it’s as if the horizon collides with an ocean of blood
Rivulets of nation’s tears amalgamate into an abysmal flood

And from our core, our infernal demons arise and dance
But paradise is where the guileless angels blithely prance

Their breaths were timed, and their deaths turned humanity blind
But encaged within God’s sight, their veils of peace & delight collide

Here, moans & wails scar the night & untamed terrors come alive
But in another realm, a frolicking laughter echoes & bliss abides

In His insatiable words, our fortitude resides & His wonders survive
In His embrace & in our faith, hope & solace, together they all dine.

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Listen Those Of You Who Spill Blood Of Innocent Children in Pakistan

The Human Lens

Listen, those of you
who call yourself the “taliban”
and spill the blood
of innocent children in Pakistan

I vow to never lose my way or despair,
become hateful or violent like you
I vow to never speak, to think like you
I vow to never do what you do

the whole world is my home
every creature is my family
I will not be divided
from the rest of humanity
I will not despise, distrust
those who look, who speak
who live, who believe
different from me

I am a lover of God
so I am neither Christian nor Jew
I am neither Buddhist nor Sikh
neither Muslim nor Hindu

I am neither left nor right
neither Shia nor Sunni
I am neither better nor superior
in creed or color, to anybody

in answer to your madness
I practice compassion and sanity
in answer to your violence
I remain…

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