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Below, the baubles and sparkles give the shops a cheerful face. They beam welcomingly in their adorned splendour. Yet, upon a closer look, the buildings give away their age. Chipped signs, peeling paint, or the plethora of wires over head; all may catch the eye, but none take away from their dignity in the least.

The buildings stand shoulder to shoulder, like old friends. Like toothless old men they wordlessly pay tribute to days long gone. Precariously tall, they overlook the street with ease, gazing at every shopper and passer-by.


Author: emphadiate

Med student, chai lover, avid reader. Daydreamer extraordinaire. Slightly imbalanced.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m absolutely honoured that you should even think of me ^-^

      I would absolutely love to accept! I’ll be honest though, due to my erratic sschedule, I haven’t invested as much time in my blog as I should, so I’m completely ignorant to the whole Blog award-ing system. I’ll need your help understanding how it works!

      Thank you, again! 😀

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