Tonight, I am lost.

Tonight, I am lost. I am floating on a raft in the middle of an endless ocean. I am stranded in the supermarket, with no idea which aisle my mom is in. I am stuck in a maze riddled with loops and dead ends. I could go on and on trying to describe how lost I am, but it might not be enough.

For someone who always knew which direction to move in, this is quite a predicament. Am I too late to make a turning to where I am supposed to be? Should I back track to more familiar ground and take it from there? Or should I just surge forth, to what may be ruin?

I think I shall try to move on. For now. I shall take a deep breath, shut my eyes and muster up the courage. I shall conjure up a hope for the best, one that left me long ago. But not just yet.

For tonight, I am lost. 


Flash Fiction Fri- …oh wait, nevermind.

Tongue between his teeth, nothing could distract him from his task. He chiseled the ice, shaping with as much precision as possible. Flakes flew in and out of his vision, all the while he worked. Moving the tool deftly in his right hand, he pressed his left against the surface for support, which was becoming increasingly numb. He ignored it, thinking of it as a mere inconvenience. The frosty flecks splashed on his face, but even that didn’t bother him. In fact, he rarely paused, except to wipe the drops off his brow. Even the frantic voices behind him didn’t deter him.

It’s not worth it, leave it! He mentally brushed away his wife’s concerns. The end would no doubt justify the means, no matter how long it took. He had to be forceful, yet gentle enough so as not to damage what was becoming increasingly visible under the layer of ice before him. His tool was dented by sheer force, but he couldn’t let that stop him. When his left hand was completely devoid of sensation, he slowed down.

Finally, it seemed he’d removed enough of the ice.

“I told you I could do it” He grinned now, turning to look at his wife.

Triumphantly tossing the spoon aside, he unstuck the last precious red ice lolly from the back of the freezer. He then kneeled, and handed it to his wide eyed three year old son.