Picture Prompt!

This one was fun to do. Feedback is much welcome. ^_^

Scribes of Seldomville

This time, we had to choose a picture snapped by the other, and use it to compose a piece. 

Sana’s click:


Rose petals were all she could see. The bed had been covered with them in a layer so thick, she could sit without crushing too many. Her ghoonghat peaked over her forehead, like a hood, narrowing her vision. Gaze lowered, she tried to focus on the intricate henna design on her hands. Anything was better right now, than her heart’s reckless pounding. Jolted from her thoughts, she heard the door open quietly. He was here. 

In what felt like a split second, she thought of all that she knew about this man-  her husband, with whom she was to spend the rest of her life. Surprisingly very little. From his footsteps, she could tell he was approaching the bed, and that eventually he sat down on the edge…

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