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I release my joy
Into the world
So carefree, it floats
Ecstasy unfurled
For the world runs on sunshine
“I will and I can”
Hope should be enough
For the common man.

How easily the sky
Swallows up our laughter
Dispersed, like clouds,
With nothing left after.


I bleed my sorrows,
Into the page,
Each determined stroke,
That blinded rage,
Though moving fingers,
And hands do ache,
With each wracking
Sob, I quake.

The world shares your joy,
Till you’re dry to the bone,
But those welling tears
You’ll wipe, alone.



Author: emphadiate

Med student, chai lover, avid reader. Daydreamer extraordinaire. Slightly imbalanced.

11 thoughts on “#6”

  1. This is a great piece, raw, honest and confessional. I love the first two stanzas more since they are innovative and that part about the sky swallowing our laughter. Beautiful

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