My Favourite Webcomics

I thought it was about time I posted something on this blog other than fiction, poetry and my usual general rambling.

Throughout my travels across the vast planes of the interwebs, I found my thirst for reading, in combination with illustration, satiated in the form of web-comics.While I’m a fan of quite a few Pakistani webcomics, I’ll save those for another day. None of them quite fit the same categories as the ones I’ve listed below, so I thought I’d avoid the confusion of mixing them in.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my favourite (western?) webcomics.

Screen Captures2



1.Nimona by Noelle Stevenson  

I’ve read this comic from the very first page, and fallen in love with every single panel. This comic follows the story of Nimona, the feisty shape-shifting sidekick of the not-so-villainous supervillain Ballister Blackheart. The simple yet captivating storyline, a dash of whimsy and the right measure of humour is enough to keep anyone hooked! If you love the drawing style of this particular artist, like I do, see her other artwork, particularly Broship of the Rings, for LOTR fans such as myself.


2.Rice Boy by Evan Dahm

A “surreal fantasy adventure story”, though the storyline of Rice Boy is completed, it’s still so read-worthy, I intend to get my hands on a printed edition. I can’t even tell you what Rice Boy is.. he’s just Rice Boy, and a brave one, at that. The simplicity of the comic struck me, and the weird and wonderful setting of the world of Overside made it an instant favourite. Other stories set in Overside, such as Vattu, are also definitely worth a read.


3.My Cardboard Life by Philippa Rice

Following the life of the cute Cardboard Colin, frequently featuring Paper Pauline, who is his best friend, despite being less than nice to him. This webcomic has to be THE most darling thing I’ve seen on the internet. Each comic is innovative, with creative use of mixed media (mainly paper and PLENTY of cardboard). Each panel of the comic is individually made and ohmygoodness what effort that must be!


4.Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton

Quirky, nerdy and funny, oh my! Kate Beaton has a degree in history and Anthropology and my. my, does it show. The whimsical expressions and the re-imagined events bring past ages into an adorable new perspective. My only complaint is that it doesn’t update near enough!



5.Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto

When I discovered this comic in 2012, it was already 8 years old, so naturally I started from the beginning and followed the story. At the time I had been looking for something girly, with an ongoing storyline, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. We see the life of Hazel and Jamie, as well as a whole cast of colourful characters; spiced up by regular appearances of my personal favourite- McPedro, the talking Scirish cactus. I lost track of it in 2013, so plenty of catching up for me to do as well!


6.MercWorks by David Mercier A “-sort of- autobiographical comic about life, love, and finding our place in society”, as the artist himself sums it up rather nicely. I can’t quite put my finger on it, oddly enough,why exactly I like this comic so much.


A few other  webcomics I absolutely love, but couldn’t describe adequately (*cough* too lazy *cough*) include; DAR, Octopus Pie, Scary Go Round and People I Know.    


Picture Credits: I do not own any of the images used and all rights are reserved to their respective artists etc.

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