Happy Birthday Emphadiate!

When you have friends like this! SANA, I LOVE YOU. Thank you so much.

I’m overwhelmed at this love, and so, so grateful for it! ❤

Sana Farzand

“Having a soul-mate isn’t always about love. You can find your soul-mate in friendship too.”

There’s this thing about stereotypes, they often make us forget the real meaning of certain words. I would say it’s safe to assume that’s the fate the term soul-mate had to face as well. The quote above shared is but a testament to that fact. Having a soul-mate is about finding that one person in your life whose pieces fit well with yours in every way possible. That person who makes you wonder how did you ever manage before they made it to your life. The one entity in your life you could rely upon, reach out to, be there for and know in your heart they feel the same for you! I believe it’s even 100 times better when that person is your friend because there is no bond better than that of a…

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My Favourite Webcomics

I thought it was about time I posted something on this blog other than fiction, poetry and my usual general rambling.

Throughout my travels across the vast planes of the interwebs, I found my thirst for reading, in combination with illustration, satiated in the form of web-comics.While I’m a fan of quite a few Pakistani webcomics, I’ll save those for another day. None of them quite fit the same categories as the ones I’ve listed below, so I thought I’d avoid the confusion of mixing them in.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my favourite (western?) webcomics.

Screen Captures2



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So, this is kind of inspired-by-slash-a-continuation-of  this quote/poem, which I originally read on instagram.


For a while
It seemed
The butterflies had died
My self and stomach still.

An epoch of silence.

But then
The beating began
The flutter tickled
The batting, an ache within,

‘Twas the moths that woke me
Rising higher
Alive and spirited as ever

Never quite as vibrant.

Awkward Moment #472

I was 11 years old. She was my Nano’s close friend.

The task set before me, though seemingly simple, was one the first of its kind I was entrusted to. I had been asked to bring the lemonade from the kitchen to the lounge, and to serve the guest.

Having successfully lifted the tray and advanced forward, I teetered into the lounge. The two ladies sat chatting, on the sofa before me. Smiling wide smiles and salaming salam’s, I continued forward. Little did I know, my feet had chosen that very moment for a collision.


My eyes tightly closed, I didn’t trust myself to breath for a  few second. Slowly rising up from the ground, I took in the spectacle before me.

A confounded lemonade sodden aunty, mouth agape, my grandmother with her lip bitten and an overturned (thankfully not broken) jug and glasses.

Needless to say, I was excused from kitchen duties for the near future.