On Setbacks.



Good God, I thought, taking in the scene before me. A sizeable mass was covered by the floral quilt on the bed, moving only slightly. I noted sardonically the surrounding food boxes and empty junk food wrappers; tragedy stricken though she was, her appetite didn’t seem to have gone anywhere.  Amidst tissues, used and unused, lay a few textbooks. At least she hasn’t rendered herself completely useless, I was relieved to see.

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Awkward Moment #257

Handing my documents through the gap, I wondered why all government office desks had glass in front of them. Peering through the taped on warnings and notices I looked for the secretary to state my business. Having waited half an hour already, I was weary. I couldn’t help but groan internally, looking at the recipient of the papers. His apparent X ray vision caused me to lower my previously confident gaze. I had only begun to cringe, when, with a sleazy grin, he let me know that the office could be of no use to me, and would I like to wait to discuss the problem with him personally?

I realised finally, that the glass was for protection; so one could avoid the urge to strangle the person on the other side