“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

It seems we’re testing this theory out on a regular basis. We push people away, to see if (and possibly in the hope that) they’ll try to pull us back. Alternatively, the more we try to pull someone closer, the more they are distanced from us. We give, in expectation to receive a return of equal magnitude; be it time, care, attention or even hostility.

Even conflict is but a temporary imbalance, before reaching an uneasy equilibrium. From there on, a resolution is built. Anger may lead you to yell at someone, or to speak your mind, expecting them to retaliate. But sometimes, their silence can strike back with equal force, if not more. Confronted with silence, all of one’s “shoulda”, “woulda” and “coulda”s are immediately dwindled and become reduced to mere “didn’t”s. The silence is but a man-made wall, halting any chance of progression. The finger of blame, once pointing threateningly from both sides, hangs limp, more uncertain than indifferent.

Amidst damaged relations and a hesitation to attempt repair, I feel caught in the eye of the storm. The soundless disquiet rushes into my ears eerily; my mind is manifested with its din.

Author: emphadiate

Med student, chai lover, avid reader. Daydreamer extraordinaire. Slightly imbalanced.

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  1. “Amidst damaged relations and hesitation to attrmpt repair, i feel caught in the eye of a storm.”
    I stopped trying to understand how you do it but you amaze me every time by writing those emotions I cant ever possibly give words to. Hadia, you are blessed with such an amazing gift. Just keep flaunting it. Brilliant!!

  2. I couldn’t help but comment after reading this. Your words howl of your mental disarray! Clearly, things are bothering you but just a quick word… The best way is to confront and resolve. It can wipe out any differences or misunderstandings one might have but then again at times silence is the only choice you have. To keep you away from further disaster.

    Brilliantly written.


  3. I can prattle about how gifted you are when it comes to weaving words together, but I believe you know that already (ff you don’t, then you should know it).
    All I can say is I relate to every word of it. Especially the last line. This is the sort of stuff that should be typewritten and then, get viral on the Internet.
    Glad you updated! Maybe I should consider doing the same :p

  4. “Bloody Brilliant” as Ronald Weasley would say.
    I had vague thoughts of this nature in my head for sometime but you put them all together in a manner i can’t even imagine. Many people most probably, rather definitely, have already said this but still i should say that you are indeed gifted.

    PS: “there” in second paragraph second line instead of “their”. No?

  5. Your words have a similar influence. The word ‘sure-footed’ kept running through my mind when I was reading this; your lines are compact and lovely and extremely delightful to read.
    I’m so glad I have the honor of knowing such a talented writer and I flatter you not.

    1. I’ve been reading old comments in a bid to break out of my writer’s block. :p

      And it’s a little late, I know, but THANK YOU for your lovely, encouraging comments. They’ve always helped me believe in myself, much more than you could imagine. You’re a gem, Anas. ❤

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