Excess Baggage.

Life…….. is a journey.

Bear with me here. I know this is one of the most clichéd statements ever.  

We are always changing, if only slightly at a time. Forever in transit, we go from who we once were, to who we will soon be, to how we might be after. Each of these places is distinctly different, presenting new scenery, a different climate or culture. As experienced travellers from an early age, we come prepared.  The experiences collected are our ever-growing baggage. Our emotions and precious memories are the stuff that the side pockets are overflowing with and we keep the people and things dearest to us in our hand luggage, within reach. Everything is meticulously packed, and, as I believe, the luggage completes the traveler. Whether they are scruffy globetrotters with huge rucksacks, minimalist businesspeople with thin briefcases, hassled mothers with nappy-laden baby bags, each will carry space for more additions, for their journey isn’t over yet.

True, we may tend to keep our regrets and grief too, along with all other negativities we’ve acquired on our travels, buried deep at the bottom of the suitcase. It usually results in having to jump on the lid to force the zip closed and almost always means that you have excess baggage. Some of these things; spur of the moment expenses that we now regret, petty sentiments that seemed to mean the world to us at one time; are those that we haven’t the courage to leave out. This excess baggage becomes a burden we are made to pay for and a weight which is a nuisance to lug around. I’m a compulsive hoarder myself, and the anxious tendency to over-pack is one I have little control over.

The companions that join us on our journey often determine how it’ll go. The fellow travellers we begin our journey with or the ones who remain with are the longest are the ones we can share our luggage with, and that we can ask to help with our burdens without hesitation.  Those who join us temporarily, maybe from a single destination to another, may make for good company. Then again, there are the more unpleasant folk, who may force their baggage upon you to avoid paying extra tax, or who shove their hand luggage uncomfortably in your feet.  Then there are the kind strangers, who might push the trolley along for a while, and give us a chance to walk freely, or the friendly hitch-hiker who never fails to put a smile on your face.

Some of the most valuable companions are those who help you unpack, convincing you to discard of those tacky souvenirs you never should’ve kept, because they too, throughout their journey have learnt how hard it is to let go sometimes.  For them, I am most grateful. It’s a relief to be rid of excess baggage.

My journey is far from over, the next destination unknown. Yours too, I guess.

Enjoy the ride.



Author: emphadiate

Doc, chai lover, avid reader. Daydreamer extraordinaire. Slightly imbalanced.

16 thoughts on “Excess Baggage.”

  1. Who would have thought excess baggage comes in so many shapes, colors and sizes 😀 We all have our own excess baggage to drag along, but it’s always nice to have someone help us rid of ours or at least lug ours for us. You touched all the right chords. And I’d just shut up cause I ain’t making any sense 🙂 You have this terrific ability of taking something extremely ordinary and turning it into such a well taut and amazing blog post. You amaze me Hadia!! Keep ’em coming. Kudos!

  2. Taking something as negative as one’s baggage and putting it in a bigger, much brighter perspective is one of the hardest things I’ve ever come across. You achieved the task with perfection. Bravo! Way to stay positive. Instead of letting it be an impediment, you use it as a tool to get ahead. Find someone who’ll help you carry your luggage and share theirs with you. What a beautiful message.

  3. Beautifully put into words how we tend to exhaust ourselves with needless things, how we dont even understand we’re carrying all that we are. How it burdens us and makes life harder than its ought to be! Enjoyed reading! 😀

  4. Thats one of the toughest things ive had to deal with all my life.ive carried extra baggage around too much…and i still do.just bcz i dont have the heart to trim the edges or im used to over stuffing.u made me visualise it all.and any writer who does that is a good one.simple and wonderful.im gna be reading it again i know.

  5. It is amazingly strange how every other write-up I am coming across turns out to be relate-able, in an even strange way.
    You see, we all know this notion, atleast we’ve it in some part of our conscience. But we keep on neglecting the fact, or the task which it demands. We keep on over loading and over burdening our baggage or perhaps we do not keep the heart and will to undone the extra, non-acceptable part. And save ourselves and the journey from getting writhen, finally. Yes, it is a statement too overrated but an idea least understood.
    I personally believe, every acquaintance, every bit of this baggage adds into that big picture, eventually. Hence, the journey turns out to be a whole lot of colors and experiences. I reckon, its not about someone standing for long, till the end, helping us maintain the load or lessen it but the one who is there to share a bit even, when this baggage exhauts us. 🙂
    It is heartening to see the way you’ve extracted a positive impact out of all the possible negativities this burden keeps.
    Unusual ideas out of a usual stance is something attracts me. And so is this.
    You’ve done a very good job, senior! 🙂
    Keep jotting down the beauty of thy imaginations.

  6. I can so relate to this. Identification of the “excess baggage” from the rest is the most important part. So often, it takes us an eternity to classify them as such. I am against holding grudges, but then there are some fellow travelers because of whom you have to change the course of your journey.

  7. Absolutely loved this because it perfectly encapsulates what I’ve been feeling lately…the desire to start discarding the unnecessary. Coincidentally, I labelled it “excess baggage” too, in my head, and so associated with the post as soon as I read the title. Once again, you’ve managed to put my thoughts into words! Keep blogging, sis! Your posts hit home.

  8. Beautifully written. I love the comparison of our regrets, experiences and griefs as baggage and I love the description of different travelers that help or load us with baggage. Keep writing please! This is great!

  9. I read it once, then twice and then, once again. And still it seems I’ve not had my fill yet.
    This is beautifully penned down. Honestly, you have what it takes to write. You have webbed the simple truths in the most pleasant of ways – I find it highly becoming.
    This is so relate-able, and so very amusing. I know I’m going to be sharing this one across the social networks and whatsapp for sure!

  10. “Some of the most valuable companions are those who help you unpack, convincing you to discard of those tacky souvenirs you never should’ve kept, because they too, throughout their journey have learnt how hard it is to let go sometimes.” Such beautiful lines. Loved this post. (y)

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