Introduction, Perhaps?

I have kept quiet too long now.

Like many, I write. From a young age, I began writing, dreaming, as many do, to one day be published and renowned.

It was always my means of expression, until a couple of years ago, when other things took priority in my life. Only then did I really realise that, what writing means to me has since changed and ultimately, deepened.

I fail at adequate verbal expression for my thoughts and feelings. Ergo-

 “That’s where writing comes in. It is as necessary for the survival of my haughty sanity as bread is to my flesh.

-Sylvia Path

My journals, pages upon pages of thought have long since been misplaced or discarded. And I was silenced. Everything was kept inside.

I have decided to open up now. Please, be gentle.


Author: emphadiate

Doc, chai lover, avid reader. Daydreamer extraordinaire. Slightly imbalanced.

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